Ways to Improve Your Hotel Booking

Ways to Improve Your Hotel Booking

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  • On February 6, 2015
Hospitality sector is one of the most competitive sectors, of today, with loads of players competing with each other for the bigger market share. To have higher occupancy rates all the season and business profits thereby are the prime objectives of companies in the Hospitality sector. In order to enhance online hotel bookings, the companies need to focus on some of these key aspects, enlisted below. By implementing these in their online strategy, the hotel booking sites will be able to increase sales. Let us look at those.

Maximize Distribution
Hotels can increase online sales and maximize revenues through their distribution channels. By associating with different channel partners, the hotels will be able to reach to the global audience and be able to drive traffic to their business from different sources. From the Channel Manager, the Hotels can determine that the property details are consistent across all the distribution channels and there are no discrepancies, whenever a guest is booking any property.
Client Reviews (Publish Client Reviews) at the time of Booking 
Reviews, Ratings and Testimonials help the businesses figure out whether their customers are happy and if they are heading on the right track (or not). Thanks to technology, the Internet users can get to know about any company ‘ahead of time’ through easily available reviews of companies, online. People check these reviews first and based on those, they make favorable decisions further. Hence, it is necessary for Hotels to ‘make the best use’ of positive reviews that they get from their clients and need to publish those through different available mediums, blogs, social media etc. Every time after sales closure, hotels need to request the clients to find time with reviews. These positive reviews on the booking sites will hold the interest of many new visitors, booking through the site of hotel.

Hotels can even integrate their social media profiles (e.g. Facebook) with their booking engines. The platform will work as a space for the followers (hotel customers) to share their experience and show approval by giving Facebook Likes to the business. WebCRS FB has been a similar concept, which is ‘well accepted’ by many companies in the hospitality sector.

Last Minute Offers
Thanks to Mobile Phones, booking the last moment is in the rage. Mostly business travelers do the last minute booking and it becomes very important for Hotels to hold the interest of such guests (and many others) with last minute deals, packages and offers. Hotels need to ensure that all their special ‘short time’ deals and offers are worth giving a thought by the last minute bookers.

Arrange transfers and sight seeing 
While visiting a Hotel booking website, majority of people expect to see options that could help them create a full package, viz. Hotel, Flights, Transfers (Car Rentals), Sight Seeing/Attractions and so on. Time is an important aspect, one reason why not many prefer visiting different sites to satisfy their booking/reservation needs. Hence, the Hotels need to make sure that their booking engine has the facility for guests to manage their ‘complete tour package’ from a single system with a click of the button.

Keep rate parity 
While serving the needs of guests through different distribution channels, it becomes necessary for the hotels to maintain rate parity across all the associated portals. If the details (availability and rate values) differ in all the sites, then that would confuse the bookers/guests and even show adversely on the booking process of the hotel. By leveraging Channel Managers, the Hotels can make certain that they have maintained rate parity across all the channel partner sites, to leave the guests with better booking experience.

Thus, give a thought to few of the tips mentioned above to engage the hotel guests, to enhance online bookings and for maximizing business profits, like anything.


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