Agent Unilogin

Single login for Travel Agents to access rate and availability

WebCRSUniLogin is a new product from CRS Technologies that provides a single platform for travel agents to access updated rates and availability from hotels DB. It helps the travel agents to take special rates and availability from a common pool of network of hotels.

The travel agents who have WebCRSUniLogin can send requests to Hotels to add their UniLogins to the Agent database of the hotel.

Hotels can accept their request instantaneously.

If an agent’s UniLogin is not added in the database, he will not be permitted to access the Common Network availability and rate with the credit conditions of the hotels.

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Key Benefits

  • Create multi-users with his login details for other staff also
  • Check the availability and special rates of hotels who have approved them to access the Common Network
  • Agents can add the hotels as Direct Channel
  • Can block rooms
  • Confirm rooms live
  • Submit cancellation request
  • View all previous schedules to hotels
  • Update payment is done to hotels
  • View all hotels using WebCRS
  • Send recommendation to hotels
  • 100 percent error-free Enhance your booking