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Always at the forefront of innovation in travel and Hospitality, WebCRS believes that business flourishes when innovation happens. We deliver leading-edge technology that integrates easily with traditional Business


Scalability of the technologies helps our customers to operate efficiently and capacity to handle market changes. Right from architecture to load planning to smooth deployment, every aspect is looked for a long-term scalability


Building software business applications is a complex process & can take months or years to complete with a very good Product. A Decade old Experince in Travel and Hospitality Software Applications, WebCRS is up-to-date with technology changes and Market Requirements


Deliver quality products continuously to our customers at every step with our innovation helping them in digital transformation and business growth


Response, restore, & resolve to Ensure business continuity, minimize downtime, and optimize cost during the implementation process with our best in class support. Emergency support of 24/7 is available when required

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Build with best practives and business ethics,continuous security checks and updates  to help organizations to transform business digitally

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Why WebCRS???

  • One stop-solution for Hospitality & Travel companies right from creating the Brand and Design to distribution technology, contracting, operational systems, servers, backups, security, Search Engine Optimization, Social media tools, solutions, and payment gateways.
  • Provide live feeds at best available rates which are commissionable.
  • Deep knowledge and expertise in implementing revenue management inside hotels which helps us to efficiently handle hotel distribution platforms.
  • Leverage the high-quality human resources and cost-effectiveness of the Indian subcontinent to empower the Hotelier and Travel suppliers to reach wide markets at a lower cost and optimize their operations ensuring a better return on investments (ROI).

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Empowering Travel and Hospitality

Artificial Intelligence

Tracking customer behavior, collecting data, analysis of previous purchases and searches and historical Data. WebCRS plays a vital role in AI for Tourism Industry

Cost Reduction

Automate the business management, eliminating the  expensive and obsolete manual procedures and reduce high cost caused by errors and inefficiencies

Data Mining

Tourism is customer centred business which accumulates huge data from its customers which can be used for analysis of various reports and trends helping the business to grow

Revenue Management

Selling the right product to right customer at the right time is the core motto of revenue management.Over the last Decade, WebCRS has inbuild revenue management in all of its product whether it is Hospitality or Travel

Sales Improvement

From prospecting to feedback after the sales helps in revenue of any organisation. Using right technology at every steps helps a Business to improve its sales piple line

Data Analysis

Analysis of customer behaviours, transactions, demographics, geographical locations and social media relationships can really help the businessto market products much more effectively

Digital Transformation

Transforming Tourism industry digitally i to innovate and generate new business opportunities that ensure the continued business growth

Better Customer Relationship

Provide Fast, Convenient Customer Support with the use of technology there by acquiring more customers and achieving maximum business growth


Whether it is Hotel Business or Tourism Business the interactions you have with every guest must reinforce the message of excellence in performance, standards and quality. 

Message from Founder

“ Digital Transformation is the way forward for Travel and Hospitality and we at WebCRS Strive to be at the best in helping our customers to grow the business with the help of Technology”

Mr. Neelkanth Pararath

Managing Director
WebCRSTravel Technologies Pvt Ltd
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WebCRS helps hospitality companies to solve industry challenges using innovative technology solutions be it , Booking Engine, Cloud CRS, Channel Manager or Review Management.

Our technologies give Hospitality companies the tools and solutions that can help them increase the distribution, sales,marketing and client relationship which is needed to create memorable experiences that can lead to positive change and growth in the industry.


Technology is advancing at a faster pace than ever before in travel space and we and WebCRS helps Travel companies to transform digitally with our innovative technology solutions. We provide complete Travel Technology solutions from Back office Automation, Travel portal Development,CRM solutions, API integrations and much more for a Travel Company to be successful