Travel Agents now can Quote Better with the Most Recent Hotel Rate and Availability

Travel Agents now can Quote Better with the Most Recent Hotel Rate and Availability

  • Posted by webcrs
  • On January 23, 2015

Every time when a guest approaches the travel agents regarding a hotel inquiries, in order to manage quests, generate better quotes and boost the booking process, the agencies require to be well acquainted with everything about the hotels they are associated with, i.e. room availability during a specific period, special rates and offers/deals (if any).

To check and enquire with hotels, the rate and availability (every time) is not a feasible option, as the guests most often in a hurry would not care to wait and would move along with other travel agencies. To overcome this challenge, the travel agents require a system from where they could access all the most recent information of the hotels in their panel.
Agent UniLogin from WebCRSTravel Technologies Pvt Ltd is one such technology, which helps the travel agents keep tab and have secure access to room rates and availability of all the hotels in their network from a single platform.
The travel agencies with the WebCRS Agent UniLogin can send messages to hoteliers requesting the latter to add agents in the database of hotel. The hotels can accept the requests immediately, using the UniLogin technology. This way the travel agencies would have the right to access all the special rates and offers of hotels, during various periods.
In case the hotel denies the request of travel agency, the latter would not get to know offers from the hotel and not possibly be in a position to generate best quotes for the guests.
The WebCRS Agent UniLogin serves a different purpose, as the travel companies leveraging the technology would be able to create multi-users and let the agency staff members have secure access to all the hotels in the network, from a common pool. The agents can even add the hotels as Direct Channel, block rooms during a specific period (for guests), confirm rooms live and submit cancellation requests as well.
With WebCRS Agent UniLogin, the travel agencies can view all hotels in the network, check previous schedules, send recommendation and update payments made to hotels. The technology saves a lot of time, avoids overbooking and confusions of any sort with the guests. The agencies can enhance hotel room bookings by always ensuring that the prices quoted and the room availabilities shown to the guests are the most recent, leading further to customer satisfaction and better business outcomes.


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