Sales Monitoring System to Never Losing Track of Hotel Leads for Improved Conversions

Sales Monitoring System to Never Losing Track of Hotel Leads for Improved Conversions

  • Posted by webcrs
  • On January 28, 2015
Sales and marketing are integral to every business entity. The hotels that require B-to-B dealings with Corporate and Agents have to follow up on queries on a day-to-day basis so that they do not drop any leads. Besides, they even need to supervise and manage the performance of sales representatives, executives and managers, on a routine manner.

Without a proper system in place to record the sales and marketing communications and interactions in between the employees and the business clients, the hotels may not be able to know whether the team is putting efforts in the right direction or not. Even the sales and marketing team members want to have a better idea about other departments and faucets, so that they could manage queries better.

In order to get the best out of the sales team and for streamlining the process, the hotels across the globe are switching to Sales Monitoring System. The ZIEL Sales Monitoring System from WebCRSTravel Technologies Pvt Ltd is one such popular amongst companies in the hospitality sector.

The technology not just helps the hotels to monitor sales and marketing efforts globally, improve B-to-B (corporate and agent) sales, enhance Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR), however, they even get to bring down the operational cost of sales and reservations.

By following the Sales Monitoring System, the hotels would be able to identify all their guests and bookers at different periods and know which representative, executive or sales manager handled that particular inquiry or call. Monitoring the performances of sales and marketing professionals within the organization for appraisals become easier with the system.

The ZIEL Sales Monitoring System never misses an inquiry and helps in assigning and routing the tasks (on priority basis) to different sales and marketing departments (professionals) of the hotel, ensuring that they get to address queries on a real-time basis. By leveraging the Sales Monitoring System, the hotels can make certain that they do not drop any leads and be able to convert prospects to customers, almost all the time.

Since the central reservation system integrates with the sales monitoring tool, the representatives using the technology would get to have real-time access (mobile access etc) to all the contact information, hotel inventories, reservation list etc, helping the employees make informed decisions, all the time.

As the system helps in improving the response rate to queries, the representatives, executives and managers working with the technology, even tend to be more efficient and productive and contribute better to the clients of the hotel.

The hotels that want to have full control of their sales and marketing team should not think any further and just go ahead adopting any reliable Sales Monitoring System, available in the market.


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