Mobile Phones, the game changer in the Hospitality and Travel sector

Mobile Phones, the game changer in the Hospitality and Travel sector

  • Posted by webcrs
  • On January 10, 2015
Online mobile booking has seen a rise than before, in the Hospitality and Travel sector and the companies operating in respective segments feel that the current trend will continue to increase with mobile phones surpassing the popularity of desktops and laptops.

As per a study report from the Internet and Mobile Association of India (together with IMRB International), in October 2014, there were 159 million mobile Internet users and the study authors expected the figure to attain 173 million by December 2014. This shows the ‘mobile booking online trend’ is incessantly rising, as the numbers are even giving the right signals to companies to start leveraging on the mobile traffic, if they have not started doing it by now.

The Co-Founder and CEO of the Indian travel company  MakeMyTrip,  Rajesh Magow says, mobile bookings will soon exceed other devices.

Most of the hotels and travel companies are changing their website and online booking platform to match with the trend of mobile phones (to have mobile booking engines), so that they do not fail to keep up amid other players that have mobile compatible websites and booking engines.

Most people use Smartphone to make instant hotel bookings and planning itineraries. Identifying very need of the hour, there are many companies in the online space that provide mobile apps for ‘on the spot’ hotel bookings and reservations. One can download these mobile apps from Google Play and various online shopping networks, available in the web space.

Regarding onlinebookings/reservations – leading hotels generally have their own system to manage things; however, small hotels due to limited budget often find themselves in a sticky situation. They often look for affordable technology – a system that is easy to install, use and could help them speed up bookings and reservations for guests.

WebCRS helps smaller hotels and resorts to have mobile booking engines to cater to the very need of the guests.

WebCRSTravel Technologies Pvt Ltd has seen a gradual rise in its customer base, with the popularity of its booking engines and hotel reservation systems that not only perform well on desktops but also are compatible with mobile phones and tablets.

Smartphone and tablets are the future, as the bookings through these mediums have started revolutionizing the e-commerce scenario. Hence, do not lag behind with your market competitors and just go ahead choosing an advanced CRS system for your business, for improved outcomes.

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