How Booking Engine Can Generate More Business for Your Hotel

How Booking Engine Can Generate More Business for Your Hotel

  • Posted by webcrs
  • On December 30, 2014
Many Hoteliers still prefer to use reservation forms than booking engine. The reason behind this is that they find it difficult to manage their inventory to different channels.
If there were booking engine that could take care of all their inventory distribution, then all these hoteliers will switch from reservation form to the hotel booking engines.
The reservation form does help the hoteliers in getting a brief idea about the package a client is looking for to have; however, the reservation form simply does not guarantee booking by any means. In such instances, frequent two-way interactions are required in between hotels and the clients prior to booking confirmation.
In case of a hotel request form, the prospective client has to wait for several replies from the hotelier to know the type of room reserved, price and cancellation policy. It can at times be a very time consuming and futile job for the hoteliers. Even this may displease clients that often expect quick reservation/booking process, which lead to losing the direct guest who brings more revenue.
Thus, merely offering online reservation forms to guests or prospective clients will never help you or serve the business purpose of your group of hotels and resorts; instead, go for secure online booking engines to make query handling and the reservations quicker and effective for the online guests.
With the user of a very good booking engine, guests can check the availability, rate plan and book instantly.
While looking for an online booking engine, hotels need to make ascertain that the system is well designed, user-friendly and reliable.
Whether images, offers or rates – the booking engine should present the data in a better way. With the simple to use, easy to navigate system the visitors/guests should be able to reserve/book with minimum clicks of the button, saving them loads of time in the dealing.
While choosing for a booking engine, make certain it incorporates well with the channel manager, property management system, supports payment gateway for easy payment and optimized for mobile phones, as well.
By adopting the system, hoteliers will be able to enhance visibility of their properties and have higher bookings than before. The cost of using the system often varies from one vendor to the other, as there may be annual licensing fee or fixed monthly fee.
WebCRShas been offering innovative booking software and system to companies in the Hospitality sector. If your group of hotels and resorts is used to managing bookings/reservations through online reservation forms, then it is high time that you thought about adopting the WebCRS technology, to streamline your business process for better outcomes.


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