Conquer the Travel & Tourism Sector challenges by switching over to Technology

Conquer the Travel & Tourism Sector challenges by switching over to Technology

  • Posted by webcrs
  • On January 15, 2015
Travel and tourism is one of the fastest growing and the most competitive sectors of today, with thousands of travel companies, travel agents and tour operators battling for guests in the inbound and outbound tourism segments.

Lack of access to technology is one thing that many travel companies still store and manage hotels and contract in spreadsheets (or on paper), manually and this is one of the reasons why many are incapable of overcoming different challenges of the sector.

Every time when a travel company receives a guest enquiry regarding accommodation or tour package, they require contacting the hotels, vehicle rental agencies and other service providers directly to check availability and best available rates. This approach is very time consuming and on a periodic basic can adversely affect the business outcome of the travel company.

At times, the guests may seek specific packages and want to compare the package cost with another service provider. In case the agency manages contracts on spreadsheet, they may find it difficult searching, mapping itinerary and generating quotes based on the requirement of the guests. The guest might not wait for long for costing details and probably switch to other agencies.

Besides, whenever a guest escalates a query over the email/phone, the agencies require addressing those on time. Without a system in place, they might fail to prioritize the task or follow-up with the guests. Even after delivering the service to the guests, the agencies have to check collecting payment on time and require follow-up with people for due payments.

Humanly it is impossible to take notes about hundreds of guests, regarding payment. Guests, on the other hand may not consider sending cash payment a secure mode. They look in general for credit, debit card payment or net banking facilities.

To be able to tackle competitors in the market and to overcome challenges of the sector, travel agencies require switching to a paperless environment. By adopting the online travel agency software like WebCRS Travel, they would get to bring down operational cost, costing error and simplify the booking and reservation process, to maximize revenues through guest turnouts.

The WebCRS Travel with Payment Gateway ensures the guests get to pay securely (choose different currencies) and receive confirmation instantly. Furthermore, telephone and mail integration to the system guarantee that travel companies never miss important calls and emails from the prospective customers or guests.

Whether contracting, supplier management, enquiry handling, costing, service delivery or other aspects of the business, the WebCRS Travel makes it easier managing everything with a click of the button.


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