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Online Travel Solutions that work for your Business, WebCRS-OTA is designed to reach larger markets, reduce operational cost, reduce errors in costing and reservation processes, simplify reservation and contracting processes, improve customer relationship, etc through systems.

Companies in the Hospitality sector, with properties scattered across different parts of the globe no longer have to have separate login accounts to manage their various Hotel properties. The WebCRS Hotel UniLogin technology makes it easier for the Hoteliers logging in to a centralized system with a single and unique user ID to manage the following at ease, including but not limited to –

  • Adding a room type and new rate plan
  • Managing rate plans
  • Setting a rate period
  • Managing availability
  • Rates management
  • Reservation tracking and analysis
  • Managing enquiries
  • Adding/updating images of room types
  • Reporting


The WebCRS Hotel UniLogin helps the Group of Hotels & Resorts save time, effort and money in managing their properties.

The advanced technology lets the users put rate and availability into a common pool or selected pools of network and give access to the agent database to update special rates and manage availability/visibility.


The key benefits of UniLogin

  • Limited login details; circumvents the need to remember and manage different accounts
  • User friendly and cutting edge technology which leads to easy set-up
  • Save the time and effort of the hoteliers
  • Update and views the rate and availability in multiple channel with a single platform
  • 100 percent error free, helps in improving productivity and efficiency
  • Guarantees security with automatic logout
  • Provides 24x7 online support and call center service



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